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Belgium’s Adramatic Includes 3 World View Songs on its Top Songs of 2014 List

Adramatic Reviews AWKWORD's 'Gas Land'


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“Private prisons, NYC’s outlandish ‘stop and frisk’ policy, fracking, the death of internet activist Aaron Swartz and many other pressing issues help construct the monumental project… World View is available for stream below in all its glory.” — Prefix Mag

“World View is a work of art, embodying true lyrical skill and the empowerment of Hip Hop’s culture.” — The Source

“AWKWORD made history along with our friends at DJBooth when he dropped the first-ever 100% for-charity global hip-hop album World View. Boasting features from the likes of Joell Ortiz, KRS-One, REKS, Sean Price and Slug (of Atmosphere), the tape received acclaim for more than just its message; it was dope rap music, plain and simple.” — HotNewHipHop

“He’s able to express his views on these topics while still maintaining a lyrical prowess. Awkword does not hold back at all and really illustrates that he has nothing to hide on the project… If you’re looking for an album that has quality bars from a technical stand point, dope beats, and actual substance, then check out Awkword’s World View!” — YouHeardThatNew

“AWKWORD’s World View keeps a balance between a state of elevated consciousness and all around quality hip-hop music.” — iStandard Producers

“Awkword put together a great project for a worthy cause—no question about it — we think he hit a home run with World View.” — SpitFireHipHop

“AWKWORD has finally released his incredibly thought-out studio album, World View.” — [Canada]

“Hip Hop gives back” — DeadEndHipHop

“In two months or 10 years, people will talk about this album as a source of inspiration and motivation and will be remembered as well beyond a simple Hip Hop album.” — Adramatic [Belgium]

“The a’capella by Maya Azucena is KILLER. What a beautiful, uplifting track to end an inspiring album with. The placement of this track shows the genius of Awkword.” — REUP Spot

“Awkword’s latest album has the natural flow and progression of a modern day mixtape, with a momentum that rarely lets up throughout the course of the project… Listen enough times and you can definitely hear elements of the revolutionary seriousness of Immortal Technique, the darkly humorous voice inflections of El-P, and a developing story telling talent influenced by The Notorious B.I.G.” — The MC Report

“The man behind the music comes across as a real patriot. A patriot that embodies the authentic American spirit with bravery and clarity… It’s rare to find an artist with his level of talent foregoing money and mainstream success to do right by his (conscience).” — NikkiSiixx

“This is an instant classic.” — PrettyDirtball

“New York conscious spitter Awkword takes an aggressive stance with his subject matter, tackling some of the more unfortunate truths he sees in the world.” — ArtisticManifesto

“‘World View’ has been in the works for over 5 years by AWKWORD so you can imagine the 19-track effort is not your typical project.” — RapXclusive

“Legendary NY-based lyricist/activist AWKWORD dropped his long-awaited new album, World View… You can buy it, knowing your money is going to a good cause.” —

“AWKWORD is an emcee with a mission. In my opinion his vision and work ethic will change the landscape of hip-hop… Motivated. This album will do just that.” — Str8OutDaDen

“There is so much good in and around this album, I can’t fully describe it with my tiny little paws. Right, right, calm down there kiddo. Whether or not you’re aware, dear reader, we’re big fans of AWKWORD, and not just because he’s a brilliant MC but also because his politics are probably better than yours, mine and your mate’s too… No bubblegum rap, but at the same time he doesn’t do the disservice of talking at you… It’s a very good release, all personal impartiality aside. Come on though, look at that ridiculous features list.” — HipHopLifeAndTimes

“World View is the fusion of the human conscious with an emcee’s ability encapsulated inside boom bap rhythms. The power of music is certainly on display… Don’t forsake the power of music.” — HipHopDependency

“Awkword always shocks us with everything he comes up with. Every project, every single he does, is a banger. He loves his work… TheHipHop team has personally listened to each and every track off Awkword’s new album World View and we suggest you guys buy. You will love it.” — [India]

“The music from rapper Awkword is a reality check. In these times of hyper commercialization of hip hop it is hard to find music that relates to what people experience in the American neighborhoods where the music was born.” — Urban Glama

“This is a must listen! Im not a big fan of political hip hop only because most of it is focused on the message so much that the artist forgets to be an artist & the musical aspect gets lost. You won’t have that issue with ‘World View’. Don’t believe me though — listen & PURCHASE this album for yourself. Support this!” — BrainOfBMW

“The album offers 19 killer tracks, including a variety of huge collaborations. It’s really inspiring to see such hard work and dedication to the hip-hop genre being channeled into something meaningful, much kudos to AWKWORD. This guy’s career is long from finished.” — Brightside Live

“Just because it’s all for charity, that doesn’t mean AWKWORD and the ridiculous amount of guest artists he has managed to collate over the 5 year period went soft.” — VRS Mag [UK]

“It’s incredible. The project doesn’t express his gold chain, his fucking Lamborghini or which bitches he’s fucking, but rather real life situations and just dope music period.” — EmceeEnthusiast

“Get some knowledge and positivity in you by taking a listen to AWKWORD’s latest release, the World View album.” — RapConQueso

“It’s been a minute in the making but he’s made it worth our while.” — RawRoots [UK]

“Have you listened to the World View album yet? Better get on that, but if you haven’t it’s still ok because rapper AWKWORD will be releasing his additional bonus edition on March 17th.” — The NQM 

“World View is perhaps one of the best albums ever!” — Hip-Hop Active [Iran (In Farsi)]

“I have heard a multitude of the tracks off the album and they all range from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’.” — HipHopDependency

“The result is refreshing, so many hands in a project could be cause for continuity troubles, but not here… Even with a cast of heavy hitters like this, Awkword more than holds his own.” — Bloggy Bonilla (KEYb2LOCK)

“This whole project is dope. The project also has a strong and positive message behind it.” — Rap-Essence

“An excellent chance to do something good and to benefit yourself by getting a great album.” — [Germany]

“My favorite smart rapper drops off his latest LP.” — Hip Hop On My Mind (HipHopOMM)

“World View represents what hip-hop use to be.” — a girl and her Hip Hop

“NYC emcee Awkword released a very interesting project… Despite featuring several producers ‘World View’ clearly has a cohesive sound, and comes off as an homage to the Golden Age of true hip-hop. Be sure to check this one out.” — The Lost Tapes

“Only true hip hop heads will appreciate this album.” — Creative-HipHop

“The most powerful track ‘Rape’ doesn’t pussyfoot around the topic and goes into explicit imagery of situations of rape. The track also features samples of rape victims retelling their horrifying ordeals. The track looks into the psyche of rapists, and the emotional state of the victims. It’s hard to choose any lyrics to highlight, because the entire track packs an emotional punch.” — CooolFlame

“It’s finally here… I told ya’ll we’re going to flip the game upside down. No more of that corporate oppression, we’re going to expose all that.” — ItzDaDiabolical

World View‘s impressive slate of beatsmiths and collaborators includes representatives of eight countries across five continents. Chaundon, Joell Ortiz, KRS-One, REKS, Sean Price and Slug (of Atmosphere) are just a few of many guest vocalists on the project, which features beats by the likes of Amin PaYnE, Dismas, Dominant1, Domingo, Harry Fraud, Numonics and Steel Tipped Dove.” — DJ Booth


CLICK HERE to stream and purchase the 100% for-charity album.

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