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WeAreChange Interviews AWKWORD

We Are Change’s Arron Kesel sat down to talk to rapper and political activist, ambassador of hip-hop, Awkword. we talked about his musical influences, cultural background, personal inspirations and more. I asked him about his current project “I Am” and we talked about how he came up with his rap

Commercial Radio?… MRC Interviews AWKWORD

The HipHopEd-affiliated rapper AWKWORD links with MRC for a quick catch-up interview — and there are definitely a couple goodies in this one. MRC: How do you feel about commercial radio? AWKWORD: It’s horrible to listen to, and it will eventually become passé if the corporate devils refuse diversify their

New AWKWORD Music and Interview with BLUNTIQ

BLUNTIQ.com has world premiered the latest single from Protest Music artist AWKWORD, “The Ivory Tower“, an audio attack on the American education system, produced by Dominant1 of Malawi, Africa. Along with the record, BLUNTIQ shares the exclusive new interview with AWKWORD in which EIC Craig T. Lee challenges the activist

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