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WeAreChange Interviews AWKWORD

We Are Change’s Arron Kesel sat down to talk to rapper and political activist, ambassador of hip-hop, Awkword. we talked about his musical influences, cultural background, personal inspirations and more. I asked him about his current project “I Am” and we talked about how he came up with his rap


AWKWORD Answers: What is Hip Hop?

“Brands and politicians, and their advertisers and publicists, dictate discourse in our society, but no matter how much time and money Corporate America invests in co-opting our creation, we’ll always be a hundred steps and twenty styles ahead.” — AWKWORD [FULL ESSAY (2-Minute Read): http://bit.ly/AWKWORDwhatisHipHop] ***New Writing*** I answer the

New AWKWORD Angel Cartoon Shirts for Sale

Joining the popular “Fuck/F*ck Cancer” and “Occupy All Streets” gear, new T-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments have been added to the AWKWORD Men‘s, Women‘s and Children‘s merch stores, featuring a multi-colored “AWKWORD angel cartoon” design, created by Good Idea. Click the photo to visit the store.   AWKWORD Store: http://AWKWORDrap.com/Store

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