“Talent rap right hurrrr” — Sarah Polonsky, DJ Magazine

“AWKWORD’s career is going straight up, so check him out now so you can say you knew him before.” — Kathy Iandoli, BET, Noisey Music

“Somebody who really is quite profound and actually happens to get his mind, body and soul across in his rap lyrics.” — Chuck D of Public Enemy

“AWKWORD be on some completely other shit.” — Mighty Miss Rachel, BReal.TV

“AWKWORD is as much an activist as an artist, channeling the idea of conveying a message and a viewpoint through rhyme and attempting to cause a change in the world around him.” — The Village Voice

“Though his mission is serious, AWKWORD’s got a quicksilver wit that permeates most of his tracks… Stay on his good side; it’s a pretty inspiring place to be.” — MTV OurStage

“One of our favorite up-and-coming emcees… even more than his good deeds, it’s his music.” — Rap Genius

“The sounds of AWKWORD are nothing to be sleeping upon” — Jesse James, stupidDOPE

“It’s always good to hear some MCs rap about our nation and its current state.” — HOT 97

“AWKWORD is that Hip Hop bard who has over the years stayed true to the culture and never shies away from the hot button topics effecting the lives of the masses. He’s not on some local *ish as he’s embedded in the fabric of Hip Hop all the way to Africa.” — Jerry Doby, EIC, The Hype Magazine

“AWKWORD is putting his words where it matters.” — The Smoking Section

“AWKWORD is nothing new to giving us music that resonates with the current time, or making music that last forever.” — BLUNTIQ

“Refreshingly, AWKWORD is trying to blaze his own trail (what other White guy quotes Maya Angelou in any industry?) by releasing music with a message.” — The Urban Daily

“The kind of rap that’s not afraid to truly let listeners inside.” — Kevin Nottingham

“AWKWORD is definitely one of those MCs that should be on your radar.” — Brian Kayser, HipHopGame

“AWKWORD is an artist whose vision knows no boundaries. He imprints hip-hop history.” — Yoh, The DJ Booth

“Don’t let the stage name fool you — when it comes to rocking the mic… AWKWORD is anything but.” — DJ Z, The DJ Booth

“AWKWORD uses hip hop as a tool to literally bridge cultural gaps, effectively deconstructing geographical boundaries.” — OK-Tho

“AWK’s flow is amazeballs.” — All Around Africa

“When AWKWORD hits you up about a release, you have only one job — pay attention. I mean, this is the brother that scouts and works with best of the best MCs!”  — All Around Africa

“If you’re not familiar with the grassroots hero AWKWORD then you’re way outta of the loop. This dude has been killing everything and blazing trails for a grip. Just calling him a rapper is an injustice; he’s a philanthropist, humanist, and progressive artist that has gained well-deserved recognition by some of the biggest hip-hop outlets in the game.” — Nikki Siixx

“NYC has really stepped up these past couple years [with] the emergence of dope artists/producers such as A$AP Rocky (& his Mob), Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, Harry Fraud, AWKWORD, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, OnCue, T. Shirt, Vinny Cha$e…” — Dope Music Blog

“An artist that actually presents value in his music… AWKWORD, a New York based emcee, is an activist! AWKWORD music is based on the presentation of a message. You, the audience, will get acquainted with his artistry and his activism.” — Praverb (RIP)

“AWKWORD, changing up the World View / Camera for guns program, should have made world news.” — Rapper Rhymageddon


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