Photo Set of AWKWORD at Interviews with DJ Eclipse (Halftime), Rap Genius, GID Radio, Spittin In Da Whip



  1. Creative Hip Hop (PRINT) — On Racism, Colin Kaepernick, Donald Trump, and ‘How to MAGA’
  2. WeAreChange (AUDIO)
  3. HHKMag [UK] Kings of New York Interview (VIDEO) + Freestyle (VIDEO)
  4. Juice Magazin [Germany] (PRINT [Magazine])


  1. The Village Voice (PRINT)
  2. Rap Genius for the Outside The Lines Podcast (AUDIO)
  3. MTV OurStage (PRINT)
  4. The Halftime Show on WNYU with DJ Eclipse (AUDIO)
  5. The Library with Tim Einenkel for Chuck D‘s …AndYouDontStop! Radio (AUDIO)
  6. DeadEndHipHop & TheTapeDeck (AUDIO)
  7. The Platform with DJ Crank on HiPNOTT Radio (AUDIO)
  8. Upcoming Hip Hop (PRINT)
  10. All Around Africa [Kenya] (PRINT)
  11. Upcoming Hip Hop Podcast – Advice for Independent Artists & Musicians (AUDIO)
  12. Weekend Gabe on The Morning Rush on WLUW (AUDIO)
  13. Vic XL on Ridin Durty Radio (AUDIO)
  14. Green Left Weekly [Australia] (PRINT)
  15. Hip Hop Breath NY Ed. f/ Talib Kweli, Joey Bada$$, etc. [France] (PRINT)
  16. DJ Steve Austin on Desert Storm Radio (AUDIO)
  17. What Is Hip Hop? [India] (PRINT)
  18. Bigboydogg (PRINT)
  19. On The Ave on BreakThruRadio (BTRToday) with DJ Wayne Ski (AUDIO)
  20. SNEXP on PNC Radio with DJ Wayne Ski (AUDIO)
  21. Mixtape Sessions Radio Show [Croatia] (AUDIO)
  22. The iNoslen Show (AUDIO)
  23. The Word Is Bond Rap Radio Hour with Chase March (AUDIO + AUDIO)
  24. Trap House Rocks Radio with Ms. LB (AUDIO)
  25. Spittin In Da Wip with Crazy Al Cayne (VIDEO)
  26. The Bee Shine (VIDEO)
  27. The Big Bang Show with DJ J. Hart (VIDEO x AUDIO)
  28. 7th Boro (PRINT)
  29. Adramatic [Belgium] (PRINT)
  30. The Hype Magazine (AUDIO)
  31. (PRINT + Audio Freestyle)
  32. Lyrically Fit (PRINT)
  33. Po Politickin (AUDIO)
  34. Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger (AUDIO)
  35. IAmHipHop Magazine (PRINT)
  36. Illuminati2G (PRINT)
  37. DopeMusicBlog (PRINT)
  38. StereoStack (PRINT)
  39. SpeedOnTheBeat (PRINT)
  40. GetMyBuzzUp (PRINT)
  41. Gunnz And Butter (AUDIO)
  42. Straight From The Underground with DJ Chris G (AUDIO)
  43. The Coast to Coast Hip Hop Show with DJ 3rd Degree (AUDIO)
  44. MRC Promotions (PRINT)
  45. (PRINT)
  46. REUPSpot (PRINT)
  47. The Bodega Cold Kutz Show on GID Radio (VIDEO x AUDIO)
  48. Hip-Hop Hercules for (AUDIO)
  49. The Cultural Hangover Show (AUDIO)
  50. Versus Mag [UK] (PRINT)
  51. [India] (PRINT)
  52. Pretty Dirt Ball (PRINT)
  53. Str8OutDaDen (AUDIO)
  54. Mike Grant on the RePPiN4U Hip Hop Show (AUDIO)
  55. (AUDIO)
  56. HipHopHundred (AUDIO)
  57. PodInFull (AUDIO)
  58. (AUDIO)
  59. The Great Mixtape [Italy] (PRINT)
  60. Shardul Pandey Talks [India] (PRINT)
  61. HipHopOnDeck (PRINT)
  62. Hip Hop Renaissance [Track-by-Track Breakdown] (PRINT)
  63. Hip Hop Dependency (PRINT)
  64. One Throne (PRINT + Audio Freestyle)
  65. StreetsConnect (PRINT + Audio Freestyle)
  66. HipHopLT (PRINT)
  67. AllThatDopeShit (PRINT)
  68. We Goin In (PRINT)
  69. The Artist Lounge (AUDIO)
  70. PROTAILZ [Netherlands] (PRINT)
  71. Revolt Radio (PRINT)

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