UpcomingHipHop Interviews AWKWORD on Music, Message, More

UpcomingHipHop Interviews AWKWORD

On AWKWORD’s birthday, August 1, he linked up with UpcomingHipHop.net for an exclusive interview on his music, his message, his inspirations and his background.

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How did you come up with the name AWKWORD?

The “other” is often awkward in his/her situation. While in AmeriKKKa “other” typically and rightfully refers to POC, women, immigrants, LGBT, etc., it can also signify religious or even political minority. I grew up a leftist, working class Jew in an upper class, all-American Christian, CONSERVATIVE town. In this world, I was the other, a “freak,” and instead of blaming myself I reappropriated the existence for the better: it’s OK to be AWKWORD.