UK’s AllThatDopeShit Gets Creative with AWKWORD Interview

UK's AllThatDopeShit Interviews AWKWORD

Earlier this month, the UK’s AllThatDopeShit sat down with AWKWORD to discuss his start in rap; the music industry, the underground scene and TV talent competitions; his hat collection and must-have album; his ideal collaborations; and more.

Sample Q&A:

5. How have you ended up in the music industry?

I’m NOT in the music industry. I am a DIY solo artist, who represents himself and pays no one to help him make moves. Everything I’ve built, I’ve built myself, organically, painstakingly, slowly. But steady wins the race, and the supporters I have are die hard. I see y’all as family.

Further, I NEVER want to END UP anywhere. I chose my path, and it’s atypical. I don’t do this to make a living, I make more ‘blind’ contributions than public appearances. I make audio art and hope the people like it, that’s it.

FULL Interview:

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