The NO MORE PRISONS Song by Activist/Rapper AWKWORD

THROW AWAY THE KEY (NO MORE PRISONS) – THE SONG!!! (video coming soon.)

A couple days before his first birthday without his mother (RIP), on July 30, 2012, Rapper/Activist (and Sociologist) AWKWORD released a song close to his heart, “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)“, his first overtly political song in about 18 months, via The DJ Booth.

It paid off — the message is getting out. AWKWORD and “Throw Away The Key” were introduced by the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy on his international radio show ANDYOUDON’TSTOP; he called the song “quality music that deserves to be heard” from “the one and only AWKWORD“…

AWK was the type of kid who got depressed at age 8 about starving children overseas, and today he’s the type of artist who wants to do well by doing good, educating while entertaining, inspiring without preaching. As evidenced by the critical acclaim for and ongoing buzz around the song, he achieved just that with his Musical Fuck You to the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex.

The NO MORE PRISONS song is an attack on racism, inequality and the (in)justice system in America, as well as a tribute to the people who live a life in constant defense mode — from the police, from the courts, from the Man.

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“… born into prisons, most ghetto buildings got bars / when you live without shit, go head and worship them cars / the vista from the stoops, Marine billboards, you bored / and on the block, you got bars, drug dealers and whores…”

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Since it’s release via DJ Booth, the NO MORE PRISONS song from AWKWORD, “Throw Away The Key” has been featured — and critically acclaimed — by the leading Hip Hop sites worldwide, including The Urban Daily, Wendy Day and Rap Coalition, Okay Player, Hip Hop Wired, 2 Dope Boyz, Kevin Nottingham, EARMILK, Go Where Hip Hop and Andreas Hale‘s The Well Versed; major prison (and other progressive) groups such as The Sentencing Project, The Prison Policy Initiative, Prison Reform Movement, and; and leading figures in entertainment and politics, including rap icon Chuck D, actor Isaiah Washington and The Nation publisher Peter Rothberg.

Additionally, “Throw Away The Key” made’s Top 20 Indy Singles chart; landed at number-six on Spellcast Radio’s Top 10 Cuts of the Month list; is on regular rotation on Info Wars affiliate Music Wars Radio; and was featured on buzzing online political talk show Radio Dispatch — during a prisons segment, alongside an exclusive interview with The Nation editor Liliana Segura.


“Success is the best revenge”.

Those words glare at anyone who visits the website of up-and-coming rapper Awkword. The man who dubs himself “The People’s Champ” also quotes Maya Angelou. Oh, and he happens to be a Caucasian. Since Eminem effectively knocked Vanilla Ice out of our consciousness as the only commercially successful melanin-challenged rapper in Hip Hop, the industry has predictably tried to duplicate the success of Marshall Mathers with clone after clone of shock rapping “Stans”.

Refreshingly, Awkword is trying to blaze his own trail (what other White guy quotes Maya Angelou in any industry?) by releasing music with a message. “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)” is a song one would expect from, dare I say, a conscious rapper, yet Awkword is not afraid to tackle these topics.

Just in case you thought this positive music was a gimmick, the lil’ homey runs a nonprofit program that trades guns for cameras in an effort to “eradicate street violence through the Hip Hop-inspired education and empowerment of our urban youth”.


Rapper/activist AWKWORD puts up a finger (no, not the index) to law enforcement on his latest joint. “Throw Away the Key (No More Prisons)” is an outspoken attack on the penal system that deserves to be heard. Over a piercing beat courtesy of Toronto’s L. Ment, AWK deconstructs and raises awareness for unjust incarceration methods.

Over the years, Hip-Hop has been a vehicle for sociopolitical commentary. New York City MC and self-proclaimed revolutionary Awkword adds his two cents to the cannon of Hip-Hop culture’s social awareness on “Throw Away the Key (No More Prisons).” As the title insinuates, the track challenges what the Jewish MC coins the “(in)justice system,” by exposing the inequality and racism that he believes is corrupting the prison system. The track’s production can be credited to Toronto beatsmith, L. Ment… Get some enlightenment after the jump.

Awkword takes Toronto producer L. Ment’s jazzy production for a ride as he tackles America’s prison system head on.

The joint definitely needs your ears attention as it serves as the emcee’s fuck you to the prison and judicial system in the United States… I really dig AWKWORDS delivery over Lment‘s production on this one and the content is definitely on point, I know way too many people that are currently incarcerated that should not be.

AWKWORD continues to use his platform to build awareness for our nation’s social inequities as he tackles America’s prison system on “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)”.

AWKWORD delivers a powerful PSA in his latest single “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)”.

New York City up and comer Awkword rocks over the jazyy production of Toronto’s L. Ment for his latest track. He’s taking the United States’ prison system head on. It’s refreshing to hear an artist speaking their mind on a topic that is effecting millions of Americans everyday. Purchase the track here and 100% of the earnings go to World View Charity Aim To Live which is dedicated to eradicating street violence.

Awkword‘s latest song, from his “World View” album, is a political song. “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)” has a catchy, head-nodding beat by L.Ment, while Awkword goes in on inequality and the (in)justice system in America. It’s “ a tribute to the people who live a life in constant defense mode — from the police, from the courts, from the Man.” After you listen to the song, go here to read about his in-depth thoughts on injustice and incarceration.

WORD breaks down the science & math behind America’s prison complex system & it’s occupants over funky samples & hypnotic drum loops. Fight the power, y’all.

The Awkword rapper has some choice words for some issues that plagues us in the United States and he does it over something smooth from Waffles & Beatz producer L. Ment. Reminds me of a less aggressive Immortal Technique.

revolutionary record by rapper/activist AWKWORD off the first-ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop Album, ‘World View’.

The homie Awkword drops some more politically charged and thought provoking bars to enlighten the masses.

Not only is this a dope track from AWKWORD, but it’s an important one too. Taking on the system, one verse at a time. Turn it up! Chea!

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There are currently more than 2 million people incarcerated in the U.S. – China’s a distant second with a meager 1 million – and yet most Americans don’t think of their homeland as the world’s biggest prison state. Here to help change that is AWKWORD and his new world premiere Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons). With Toronto producer L. Ment laying down a pacing and bluesy beat AWK gets right to work with bars aimed at tearing the bars off America’s myriad of prisons… Sometimes it really is bigger than hip-hop.


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