Shots Fired! AWKWORD Pulls No Punches in REUPSpot Interview


In a recent interview with Vick Slate and REUPSpot, AWKWORD weighs in on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, describes being featured on MSNBC’s The Grio and speaks in greater detail than ever before about his new family life. He also responds with harsh words, calling out specific sites, when asked about the media response to his latest release, the video for this politically charged single “Throw Away The Key“.

CLICK HERE for the FULL INTERVIEW. See below for the questions.

And Stay Tuned to the NEW to read all the reviews and mentions of the “Throw Away The Key” song and video.


  1. New York’s own Rapper, Activist and Sociologist… AWKWORD, What’s good on your side?
  2. How does it feel for you to be mentioned on MSNBC’s The Grio?
  3. What has the overall feedback for “Throw Away The Key” been like?
  4. When will we finally get our hands on soon to be classic ‘World View‘?
  5. Let the people into the non-rapper side of AWKWORD and what goes on in his world…
  6. What’s the main difference between performing a Hip Hop track & a spoken word piece?
  7. Tell the people what the song “Fxck The Police” means to you.
  8. What is your perspective on “Control”?
  9. Would you agree it’s time for Hip-Hop to TURN UP on some positive shxt?
  10. Please share the charities you work with…
  11. You have been successful releasing Independent projects, what’s the secret?
  12. Anything else you would like to share sir?