Rave Reviews: Tranzformer x Tenacity x AWKWORD: Rap Journals

Album Cover: Tranzformer - Diamonds & Gems

On March 4, 2013, The DJBooth officially world premiered the latest collaboration from the cross-country trio of Tranzformer, Tenacity and AWKWORD: “Rap Journals”, off Tranz’s Diamonds And Gems producer project. The write-up (see below) is glowing, and the song went on to make the site’s Top 20 Indie Hip Hop Songs List. It has also appeared on numerous other sites, with critical acclaim.

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As most producers out there are aware, picking an emcee to bless one of your babies is a very important decision. Need advice? Just ask Brown Bag All-Star affiliate Tranzformer, who provides prospective emcees with a library full of Rap Journals before he deems them worthy of gracing his creation. On his latest effort, it is clear Tranz has made a great decision, because as you will hear AWKWORD andTenacity have a bevy of impressive lyrics to display atop his uber-smooth beat. Tenacity kicks off the track with a filling 16, covering topics from body image to his history as a battle rapper. Leave enough room for AWKWORD, though, whose deep-voiced, powerful delivery anchors the cut, powering through to the end of this very well-rounded, complete jam. Want to know who else we be featured on Tranzformer’s upcomingDiamonds & Gems project? Stick around The DJBooth in the weeks to come for that reveal.


Awkword is definitely one of those MCs that should be on your radar. Check out his new track with Tenacity.


This joint defines the Hip Hop we look for in authentic DIAMONDS & GEMS!… AWKWORD fills the void for the stereotypical rap that always seems to sound the same in this day and age of commercial material.


Producer projects have long given artists the opportunity to work with each other on a different level. Tranzformer’s Diamond and Gems project looks to be no different. Awkword and Tenacity come together with a one-two punch over the Tranzformer-produced track entitled “Rap Journals”.


SON! This track needs no introduction but I’ll give you a run down… Tenacity and AWKWORD do justice to this Tranzformer beat!!

Loon, Crane, & Heron:

Awkword is coming out of New York with a clear vision of his ambitions and a gang of rhymes to follow. More than just a rapper, Awkword stands head and shoulders above the crowd with his philanthropy and grasp of his craft. ‘Rap Journals’ is a crazy smooth track produced by Tranzformer, and the featured artist Tenacity spits a cold sixteen before Awkword takes over. The honesty on his verse stands out and sets the stage for Awkword. We’ve come to expect the smooth delivery and second-take wordplay from this cat, and ‘Rap Journals’ doesn’t disappoint. This track is coming off the producer Tranzformer’s “Diamond & Gems” project. If this joint is any indication of the quality of that project, then you need to cop it. Awkword continues his pattern of quality work that sets himself above the rhyming masses. Keep up the good work homie.


I’m always, always going to be a big supporter of CT local (now NY), Awkword. Even though it seems like the term ‘keeping it real’ has been overused to the point of always making it completely invalid, there are still people out there (mainly within the underground scene might I add) that actually keeping meaning to that phrase, and Awkword’s one of those people. He’s a realistic and an optimist, and those things are always extremely prevelent in any material he puts out. He also gives 100% of his profits from his project World View to charities. Now THAT’s keeping it real.

Along with being a real dude, a fantatastic wordsmith he’s also a rapper that only seems to feature, or be featured with with equally solid artists. Tenacity is one of those rappers, and Tranzformer is that producer. ‘Rap Journals’ had me nodding my head like a chicken (yeah that makes sense). Tenacity has a whole heap of style, and stylistic-wise he wouldn’t be out of place paired up with the Doomtree crew. Tranzformer is a smooth producer, and makes good work of a simple beat but polishes it nicely with some cheeky samples and an interest chorus change.

If you’re fan of Doomtree, Atmosphere and Fashawn then you should check this track and the 3 dudes out. Don’t be silly now.


“You listen, I sit and write, tryna bring light / Cause there’s darkness in our dreams and it’s worse in real life.”

I was kind of surprised to find something in my inbox from an artist that I had previously heard about. About a year ago (if I remember correctly), I used to bump “Bars & Hooks” by AWKWORD featuring the likes of Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, and The Incomparable Shakespeare. Check out that joint if you haven’t heard it before. Onto the main subject of this post, AWKWORD and rapper Tenacity provide the bars for Brown Bag AllStar-affiliate producer Tranzformer for his Diamonds & Gems project. On the single “Rap Journals,” the two rappers speak about their rap journals and the thought out poetry they write down that “exposes” their life. Check out the single below.


Yeah, this dope, Lyrical Boom Bap. “Cuz there’s darkness in our dreams & it’s worst than real life”. Tranzformer, Tenacity & Awkword team up for “Rap Journals”. Track will live on Tranzformer’s Diamonds & Gems upcoming producer project.


Check out a dope underground artist known as AWKWORD as he releases one of his latest tracks “Rap Journals” featuring another dope artist known as Tenacity.


This is some of HipHop’s greatest moments, I love great collaborations.


Awkword also releases another track with Tenacity about writing deep personal lyrics and how they relate to listeners with it. And in the background there’s a soulful, chimy beat that is reminiscent of something Apollo Brown would make. Excellent vibe music with a message behind it.


Awkword releases another sure shot featuring Tenacity called “Rap Journals” Rap Journals is from Tranzformer upcoming project “Diamonds And Gems”


San Diego producer Tranzformer and emcee’s Tenacity and AWKWORD link on this knocker off of the producers upcoming Diamonds & Gems project. Bump below.

Mumblur.com (Bangers):

A fresh AWKWORD x Tenacity x Tranzformer collabo off Brown Bag AllStar-affiliate producer Tranzformer’s Diamonds & Gems project.


2 mc’s delivering some impressive lyrics.


Awkword and Tenacity combine to bust lyrics over a new Tranz beat.


This project from Tranzformer is shaping up to be pretty nice. Check out the latest cut from Diamonds & Gems.


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F.A.W.O.L. Music Ent. selects “Rap Journals” for SPIT SCIENCE VOL. 1, hosted by DJ Slapbox. The mixtape — available for FREE Stream x Download (below) — also features World View Emcee REKS, Joey Bada$$ & DJ Premier, Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, Marco Polo ft. Rakim, Czarface, Common ft. J. Period, Planet Asia ft. Ras Kass, and many more.


Click for Tracklist and to Stream or Download the Mixtape via MixtapeFactory.com.

The mixtape is also on:

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