New AWKWORD Interview with WeGoinIn

Click the image above to read the full interview. See below for the questions I answer, in typically bizarro fashion.

  1. For those who aren’t yet up on you, how would you introduce yourself?
  2. Your “World View” project is scheduled to be dropping soon. Can you explain what it is, who’s involved and your motivation behind it?
  3. Your music is very influenced by your social views and your activism. How important is it for those passions to be conveyed in your music?
  4. Do you see your music as having a particular goal or is it more about communicating what’s inside you?
  5. You’ve done a number dope joints with Harry Fraud who is blowing up crazy. How did you two initially link up?
  6. Who are some of the artists who have inspired you and who you look at as role models in the game?
  7. Any new artists that you’re feeling lately and are looking to work with?
  8. What’s on the horizon for 2012 for you?