New AWKWORD Interview with SpeedOnTheBeat

AWKWORD talks to SpeedOnTheBeat about police, government, politicians, privacy, and Hip Hop — and premieres new cover art for a forthcoming single with L’Orange and Beast1333, and an exclusive freestyle for Bree Newsome, produced by Steel Tipped Dove.

AWKWORD performing live in Brooklyn

Speed Intro:

Throughout the years and interviews on, it’s somewhat obvious that I tend to highlight artists who are going about their paths differently than your typical artist. So, today’s interviewee should come as no surprise. AWKWORD is a rap veteran whose “unfiltered protest music” has made its way into many ears and has helped spark the “#HipHopEd” movement. So, without further ado…

Select AWKWORD Response:

When it comes to tracking serial killers, let the government spies be as quiet as they want to be. When it comes to infiltrating Occupy, Black Lives Matter and other movements, criminalizing poverty, Blackness and activism, and surveilling our phone lines without warrant, I want access to every last thing.