Green Left Weekly Features AWKWORD in Radical Record Roundup

“Laying into the Ku Klux Klan is white US rapper and activist AWKWORD.” — Mat Ward, Green Left Weekly

Green Left Weekly: 10 new albums that aren't on Obama's Spotify playlist

Green Left Weekly, the online newspaper published by Australia’s Democratic Socialist Party, released a top-ten playlist of ‘new albums that aren’t on Obama’s Spotify playlist’. It features Protest Music artists across genres and from across the world, including: Elza Soares of Brazil; Cecile Doo-Kingue, Blackfoot, American Pioneer Singers, and AWKWORD of the US; The Meow Meows and New Model Army of the UK; Ginni Mahi of India; Imany of France; and The Shabbab, with members from Israel, Lebanon and Australia. In addition to reviewing the music, Green Left Weekly reporter Mat Ward uniquely contextualizes each release within the socio-political climate of the artist’s country and the world. It’s a great read, and an even better listen.

AWKWORD Throw Away The Key video