GLW: Rapper AWKWORD tackles Hip-Hop’s awkward issues

AWKWORD on Green Left Weekly

Australia’s Green Left Weekly recently sat down with Rapper/Activist AWKWORD for a challenging interview on a variety of topics, including:

  1. Collaborating internationally for charity album World View.
  2. Receiving sponsorship from banking giant Morgan Stanley.
  3. Rape” and misogyny in rap music.
  4. Throw Away The Key” and the need for prison reform.
  5. Doctor Doctor” and (his) mental illness.
  6. Potential sexism in his song “Got Class?.
  7. The mainstream media, his song “Radio 2.0” with KRS-One, and the media sources he does follow.
  8. Life lessons he’s learned as a Sociologist.
  9. Future musical and touring plans.
  10. Relationships with Australia’s Amin PaYnE (producer, “Notorious“) and Jay Daniels (guest vocals, “Requiem“), as well as fellow activist rappers Jasiri X and Capital X.

CLICK HERE for the full Q&A.

Green Left Weekly