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“AWKWORD pens an intensely heartfelt track to his recently deceased mother.” —

“It’s bigger than Hip-Hop.” —

AWKWORD - "Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy)" (prod. ATG) - Artwork


The Greatest Woman of All Time Died on One-Two…

I wrote and recorded “Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy)” in honor of my perfect mother, who died 1/2/12, before she even reached 60. She was smiling and beautiful, even in her last moments.

I wrote this song sitting beside my mom, as she stared at death — with grace, as she did everything in her life. Without my mother, I wouldn’t be here today. And thanks to my mother, I never shied away from expressing myself through the arts. “Thank You” is the most personal song I’ve released to date, and for me it’s the most important. My #WorstMemoryof2011 was learning we’d run out of options. My #BestMemoryof2011 was witnessing my mom’s expression as she listened to her tribute song and watched the accompanying slideshow.

To me, this song demonstrates the positive power of Hip Hop — this is why I do what I do. And rightfully, “A Tribute To My Mommy” will appear on my 100% for-charity album World View, dropping in 2012. Yet, I can’t help but think my tribute only barely touches the surface in capturing all that my mother means and has meant to the people in her life and the plants, animals and insects all around her. World-Famous Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Social Worker, Chef, Singer, Swimmer, Activist, Artist, Gardener, Birder and Dog/Horse Whisperer. The only person I’ve ever know who practices what she preaches, adheres always to morality, and even challenges my theory that there is no true form of altruism.

In her honor, as her son, as someone who always admired — and was often in awe of — her, I present this song to my family, friends and fans, as well as to all those who have ever lost someone (especially due to cancer and metastatic breast cancer) they love, undoubtedly too early.

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Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy) by @AWKWORDrap

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Download in the HIGHEST, better-than-CD-quality sound, FREE or by electing to NAME YOUR OWN PRICE. All (100%) of the proceeds are being donated to The Nature Conservancy in the name of AWKWORD’s mother. And if you knew her, you know that this organization was more to her than a nonprofit to throw money at; AWKWORD’s mom lived and breathed its mission to “protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.”

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DJ Booth Breaking Feature: AWKWORD - Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy)

AWKWORD pens an intensely heartfelt track to his recently deceased mother… Showing love to one’s mother is a theme that’s run heavily throughout hip-hop. From Tupac’s Dear Mama to Kanye West’s Hey Mama, nearly every rapper finds their way to jotting down at least a line or two – if not several verses or an entire song – paying tribute to the woman from which they came. AWKWORD’s Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy) is not just your normal homage to the maternal figure in his life as it was written at her bedside while she was losing her fight with breast cancer, eventually passing on the second day of this year. The song was recorded and played for her before her passing and AWKWORD credits her as being his biggest supporter and influence. With more and more things taking up our time, taking a moment to call or see our mothers for a quick hug or “I love you” should always be on our “to-do” lists. For more from the NYC emcee keep an ear out for his upcoming World View album, dropping soon via The DJBooth.

It’s bigger than Hip-Hop… I know it seems like I’m some mysterious, faceless force that posts booty shots and talks shit about rappers, but believe it or not I’m an actual, real life person. So when an artist like AWKWORD comes to me with a track dedicated to his mother, who was dying of breast cancer when he first played the song for me and has now passed away, I have an actual human reaction. At its best hip-hop offers both an escape and reflection of our actual lives, so in that spirit I’m going to turn things over to AWKWORD from here on out…

AWKWORD drops a heart warming tribute to his mom.

Damn, that the most beautiful thing you could do for your mother. SALUTE!… Many blessings go out to @AWKWORDrap for even being able to write and put this together in his rough times. My mother was my grandmother and she’s passed. It was a very tough for me to see her so ill on her bed. Much love goes out!! The song is FREE but you can elect to pay for it and the money goes to the The Nature Conservancy. SUPPORT IF YOU CAN.

Oh, man… this has to be the most heart-felt song I’ve heard in a very long time. My eyes started to get watery while listening to it. AWKWORD releases a new song titled “Thank You” dedicated to his mother, where he talks about how much he loves and appreciates her. This was absolutely beautiful. My thoughts and prayers goes out to him and his family during this difficult time. Read below to get more of an insight behind this meaningful song.

AWKWORD reminds us that love and loyalty transcend all.

Now show your support for AWKWORD and his mother — and go to to listen, rate, like and comment.

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