AWKWORD Talks Rape Culture in Rap on Ridin Durty Radio


Underground #HipHopEd #ProtestMusic rapper and social justice activist AWKWORD spoke with Vic XL on Ridin Durty Radio about Rape Culture in Rap, and much more. Read an excerpt — and stream/download the full interview, free — below.

Vic XL:

It’s an honor for me to be talking to you. I’ve been watching your movements for the last couple years… And I want to commend you on making a song like ‘Rape.’ That is one of the dopest pieces of work I’ve

ever heard.


That song right there may be the realest song on that entire album. Instead of a chorus we have real women who have been through that experience talking about it, actually saying what they went through: men thinking they’re God, men thinking that women should be chained up; like, the craziest, most disgusting stuff that we see in movies, that shit is real. There are men out there who are that messed up. And any man out there who says ‘bitch’ and they say ‘slut’ and they say ‘whore,’ you’re just perpetuating that. And my music is a testament to quite the opposite… Anyone who listens to (‘Rape’) is going to recognize, that’s some serial killer type stuff… As far as I’m concerned, there might be a reason to kill. I’ve experienced feelings like that — you mess with my little sister, you mess with my daughters or my wife, I might wanna bash your face in; I’ve never experienced a feeling of wanting to take advantage of a woman. There’s no excuse for that. And this is not something you hear in Hip Hop all the time.




AWKWORD - Rape [prod. by Fafu]