AWKWORD Talks Chuck D, Comparisons to Slug and Macklemore

VRS Mag (UK) Interviews AWKWORD

Versus (VRS), a quarterly British magazine and blog dedicated to the best in the world of music, tech and design, recently sat down with Hip Hop artist and activist AWKWORD for a brief Q&A. They discussed  a variety of topics, including AWKWORD’s Chuck D cosign, the comparisons between AWKWORD and Slug and Macklemore, the impact of AWKWORD’s mother on the artist’s mindset, the importance of The Beatles, and the stand-out stories from the making of AWKWORD’s historical album, World View, on sale now via The DJ Booth as well as the artist’s bandcamp.

AWKWORD says: 

Although some of the interview has been paraphrased from a lengthy conversation with VRS, I do think overall I am not only accurately represented but offered another global venue to share an approved version of my story. VRS asked some questions I have never been asked before, so this is definitely worth the short read. I greatly appreciate their — and your — support.


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