AWKWORD Favorites

Stream (and download) some of Protest Music rapper AWKWORD’s fan favorites, including global collab “I Am”, produced by Teck-Zilla, featuring Modenine (Nigeria), Holstar (Zambia), Holstar (Tanzania), Third Eye (Malawi) and Five Steez (Jamaica), showcased by MTV Base; “Gas Land”, a number-one college radio single called the ‘anti-fracking anthem’ by Genius; “Go!”, produced by Domingo, featuring Slug of Atmosphere and Joell Ortiz, and the “Go!” NYC RMX, produced by The Audible Doctor, featuring Aaron Cohen and Wordsworth, among others; “Love Is Better”, off French producer J. Hart’s ‘Passport’ EP; hit single “Bars & Hooks”, produced by Harry Fraud, featuring the late, great Sean Price; “The Ivory Tower”, on the inequality of our education system; the C Lance-produced “Deep Sea”, sponsored by The Ocean Project for World Oceans Day; the harrowing Fafu-produced “Rape”; “Got Class?”, a story of a one-night stand; “Requiem”, on what it’s like to be a drug; and “Doctor Doctor”, about being a drug-addicted pscyh patient. Want more?


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Clean Versions (No Curses)

  • AWKWORD ft. Modenine (Nigeria), Five Steez (Jamaica), Holstar (Zambia), Third Eye (Malawi), Latasha Alcindor, Wakazi (Tanzania), The Assembly (South Africa), Maka (Nigeria) & DJ J Hart (France) – “I Am” [prod. by Teck-Zilla (Canada)]
  • DJ J. Hart ft. K. Sparks, AWKWORD & Shakespeare – “Love Is Better” [prod. by J. Hart (France/UK)]
  • Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh & AWKWORD – “Cruel Intentions” [prod. by Jakk Wonders (South Africa)]
  • AWKWORD ft. Joell Ortiz, Wordsworth, Aaron Cohen & K. Sparks – “Go! (NYC RMX)” [prod. by Audible Doctor]
  • AWKWORD – “The Ivory Tower” [prod. by Dominant1 (Malawi)]
  • AWKWORD – “Headlines” [prod. by Bobby Johnson]
  • Praverb ft. AWKWORD, Kev Turner & DJ Grazzhoppa – “All A Dream” (Proverb Tribute) [prod. by LX Beats (Finland)]
  • AWKWORD – “Deep Sea” [prod. by C-Lance]
  • AWKWORD – “Brighter” [prod. by Pitus (Italy)]
  • AWKWORD – “Whose Streets?” [prod. by Delegation of Sound (Netherlands)]
  • AWKWORD – “Got Class?” [prod. by Fresh Nerd]
  • AWKWORD ft. Chaundon – “Gas Land (Frack Off)” [prod. by Numonics]
  • AWKWORD ft. Centri – “Dedication” [prod. by Dismas (Romania) x Trilian (Serbia)]
  • AWKWORD ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug (of Atmosphere) & Maya Azucena – “Go!” [prod. by Domingo]
  • AWKWORD ft. L*A*W – “#AaronSwartz” [prod. by Steel Tipped Dove]
  • AWKWORD ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare – “Bars & Hooks” [prod. by Harry Fraud]
  • AWKWORD ft. Chaundon – “Melting Pot (Made In America)” [prod. by Numonics]
  • AWKWORD – “Throw Away The Key” [prod. by L.Ment (Canada)]
  • AWKWORD ft. SoulStice, Ess Vee & CuzOH! Black – “Requiem” [prod. by ATG]
  • AWKWORD – “Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy)” [prod. by ATG]
  • AWKWORD ft. GuessWho? – “Doctor Doctor” [prod. by Major R.E. (Malaysia)]
  • AWKWORD ft. Y-Love – “Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song)” [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
  • AWKWORD ft. Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze & Capital X – “Notorious” (prod./cuts by Amin PaYnE [Australia])
  • AWKWORD ft. MarQ Spekt, T.Shirt & Kel Spencer – “Before Before” (prod. by King P [UK]) [cuts by The White Shadow (Norway)]
  • AWKWORD ft. Main Flow, Rickie Jacobs & Mojo (of Dujeous) – “Rainy Daze” (prod. by The Aqua League)
  • AWKWORD ft. D. Julien, Dom O Briggs & Poison Pen – “Back to BK” [prod. by Tone Spliff]
  • AWKWORD ft. KRS-One, Dug Infinite, Brimstone127 & Mista Lawnge (of Black Sheep) – “Radio 2.0” [prod. by Vice Souletric]