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World View the album, by AWKWORD: Available for 100% Charity Purchase NOW. 19 Tracks, LESS than $10. 

World View is the First-Ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop Project, sponsored by DJBooth and The Morgan Stanley Foundation. Featuring contributions from SIX (6) Continents and SIXTEEN (16) Countriesshowcasing our interconnectedness created through Hip Hop culture and rap music, the album has been critically acclaimed and called “monumental” (Prefix Mag) and “a work of art” (The Source). ALL proceeds from World View are being donated to Guns 4 Cameras, a 501c3 nonprofit that goes beyond the gun exchange, working to eradicate street violence through the Hip Hop-inspired education and empowerment of the youth in our communities.


World View is available as a track-by-track or full-album purchase via AWKWORD’s bandcamp and through all popular online retailers (e.g., iTunes [$9.99], Amazon [$8.99], Google Play [$9.49]). It is also NOW ON SALE via Amazon.com on CD!

The album is also streaming on Spotify and Pandora.

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Cover Art: AWKWORD - World View (Album) - By Good Idea [Italy]



Time to Complete Album: 5 years

Length of Album: 78 Minutes

Mixed by: Vinyldigger [Switzerland]
Mastered by: John Sparkz (of Harry Fraud’s Surf School)

Executive Produced by: AWKWORD, The White Shadow [Norway] & Trilian [Serbia]

Features include: Blame One, C-Rayz Walz, Chaundon, Chino XL, ILL BILL, Jasiri X, Joell Ortiz, Jus Daze, KRS-One, L*A*W, Maya Azucena, Punchline, REKS, Sean Price, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sha Stimuli, Slug (of Atmosphere), Tenacity, The Kid Daytona, The Incomparable Shakespeare, Viro the Virus {RIP}

Producers include: Amin PaYnE [Australia], ATG, Dismas [Romania], Dominant1 [Malawi], Domingo, Fafu, Fresh Nerd, Harry Fraud, Numonics, Steel Tipped Dove, The White Shadow [Norway], Tranzformer, Trilian [Serbia]

Continents Featured:

01. North America
02. Europe
03. Australia
04. Asia
05. Africa

Countries Featured:

01. United States
02. Canada
03. Romania
04. Australia
05. Malaysia
06. Norway
07. Finland
08. Malawi
09. Moldova


01. “Gas Land (Frack Off)” ft. Chaundon [prod. by Numonics]
02. “Throw Away The Key” [prod. by L.Ment (Canada)]
03. “Bars & Hooks” ft. Sean PriceThe Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare [prod. by Harry Fraud]
04. “Penny” [prod. by Dismas (Romania)]
05. “The People’s Champions” ft. Shabaam SahdeeqPunchline & Beretta 9 (of Killarmy) [prod. by Harry Fraud]
06. “Got Class?” [prod. by Fresh Nerd]
07. “Notorious” ft. WordsmithJasiri XJus Daze & Capital X (Norway) [prod. by Amin PaYnE (Australia)]
08. “Doctor Doctor” ft. GuessWho? [prod. by MajoR R.E. (Malaysia)]
09. “Requiem” ft. SoulSticeEss Vee & CuzOH! Black (add. vox by Jay Daniels [Australia] & Mark Deez) [prod. by ATG]
10. “Melting Pot (Made In America)” ft. Chaundon [prod. by Numonics]
11. “Rape” [prod. by Fafu]
12. “Rap Genius” ft. Chino XL & Perseverance [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
13. “It’s Not Possible” [prod. by Recluse Crew (Finland)]
14. “#AaronSwartz” ft. L*A*W [prod. by Steel Tipped Dove]
15. “The World Is Yours” ft. Sha Stimuli & Viro the Virus [prod. by Dominant1 (Malawi)]
16. “Imperialism” ft. C-Rayz Walz & REKS [prod. by Jonny Lupo (Moldova)]
17. “Radio 2.0” ft. KRS-OneDug InfiniteBrimstone127 & Mista Lawnge (of Black Sheep) [prod. by Vice Souletric]
18. “Metal Music” ft. El GantILL BILLTenacity & Blame One [prod. by Tranzformer]
19. “Go!” ft. Joell OrtizSlug (of Atmosphere) & Maya Azucena [prod. by Domingo]


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The street story that started it all…

[MORE Information on World View charity recipient Guns 4 Cameras HERE.]

World View was initially inspired by producers worldwide who contacted AWKWORD via his myspace account more than five years ago, seeking acapellas from AWKWORD’s solo debut See The Light to create remixes. AWKWORD decided to hold a contest, with the best submissions being noted on AWKWORDrap.com and the best of the best being featured on World View or the World View Bonus Disc. After sifting through more than 100 submissions, AWKWORD selected the following:

Amin PaYne [Australia]*
BrainDeaD & Esvee [Israel]*
Cletus [Italy]*
Dominant1 [Malawi]*
HimzMe-MezHim [Namibia]
joeblack [Brazil]*
Jonny Lupo [Moldova]*
Kathy Kurious [Taiwan]
Keko [Colombia]
MistaSweet [Netherlands]*
Nii [Ghana]
NMC [Croatia]
Rollincut [Austria]*
S.O.J.A. [US]
Saph [Malaysia]
The White Shadow [Norway]*

* = appearing on World View or the World View Bonus Disc.


AWKWORD - World View Bonus Disc - Art by Good Idea [Italy]


Track-by-Track Stream x Download (Free or Name Your Own Price) via AWKWORD bandcamp:

The album is also streaming on Spotify and Pandora.

Features include: AKIR, AWOL One, Barak The Rapper, Block McCloud, C-Rayz Walz, Chief Kamachi, Dom O Briggs, Jadakiss, Joell Ortiz, Josh Martinez [Canada], Main Flow, MarQ Spekt, Maya Azucena, Pace Won, Poison Pen, Punchline, Queen Godis, Rickie Jacobs, Sean Price, Sha Stimuli, SHI 360 [Israel], SHIRT, Slim K, Slug (of Atmosphere), The Kid Daytona, The Incomparable Shakespeare, Vast Aire, Viro The Virus, Y-Love

Producers include: ATG, Cletus [Italy], Delegation of Sound [Netherlands], Dismas [Romania], Domingo, Harry Fraud, JoeBlack [Brazil], King P [UK], SHI 360 [Israel], The Aqua League, The White Shadow [Norway], Tone Spliff, Trilian [Serbia]

Continents featured:

01. North America
02. Europe
03. South America
04. Asia

Countries featured:

01. United States
02. Canada
03. United Kingdom
04. Italy
05. Netherlands
06. Romania
07. Brazil
08. Israel
09. Norway
10. Serbia
11. Austria



01. “Before” ft. Pace Won & Block McCloud [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
02. “Whose Streets?” [prod. by Delegation of Sound (Netherlands)]
03. “Dedication” ft. Centri [prod. by Dismas (Romania)]
04. “Rhythm of Life” ft. SHI 360 (Israel), Jesse Abraham, Barak The Rapper (Israel) & DJ Trickalome (UK) {add vox. by Kosha Dillz & Sneakas) [prod. by SHI 360]
05. “Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy)” [prod. by ATG]
06. “Stay Spittin Stay Flowin” [prod. by Rollincut (Austria)]
07. “Go!” (Slim K Slowdown) ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug {of Atmosphere} & Maya Azucena [prod. by Domingo]
08. “Bars & Hooks” (Slim K Slowdown) ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare [prod. by Harry Fraud]
09. “Hate Me Now” [prod. by Conman]
10. “The People’s Champions – Part II” ft. AKIR & Y-Love [prod. by Trilian (Serbia)]
11. “Rainy Daze – Part I” ft. Main Flow, Rickie Jacobs & Mojo {of Dujeous} [prod. by The Aqua League]
12. “Rainy Daze – Part II” ft. AWOL One, Bisco Smith {aka Bisc1} & brokeMC [prod. by Cletus (Italy)]
13. “Back to BK” ft. D. Julien, Dom O Briggs & Poison Pen [prod. by Tone Spliff]
14. “New York Minute – World View Remix” ft. Jadakiss, Mazzi {aka S.O.U.L. Purpose}, Vast Aire & Punchline [prod. by Harry Fraud]
15. “All My People” ft. Baje One {of Junk Science}, Josh Martinez (Canada) & Queen GodIs [prod. by JoeBlack (Brazil)]
16. “Imperialism – Official Remix” ft. C-Rayz Walz & Chief Kamachi [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
17. “The World Is Yours – Official Remix” ft. Sha Stimuli & Viro the Virus {RIP} [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
18. “Worldwide” ft. Esdi (Italy) [prod. by Cletus (Italy)]
19. “Before Before” ft. MarQ Spekt, SHIRTKel Spencer & DJ Graft (Norway) [prod. by King P (UK)] | Outro Bonus Track by Monte Smith